FAQ – for visitors of Guangzhou meets Thuringia


You can access the platform via the following link:  https://flying-fair-thuringia.on.expo-x.com/

After successful registration, you can log in to the platform with your e-mail address and password. Just click the login button and enter your registration data.

If you have forgotten or lost your password, please use the designated function: forgotten password

Which technical and system requirements are necessary for a visit?

We recommend a desktop device. You need a current browser (we recommend Google Chrome) and a stable internet connection. 

It is also possible to vitsit the platform with a notebook or mobile devices.

If you want to use the video-call function in the networking area, you will also need a webcam and a microphone.

On the login page and the menu item my area you have the possibility to carry out an automatic system check, which veryfies the technical requirements of your device in advance.

– Keep the overview!
Networking Profile

After your registration you have the opinion to complete your profile. This acts as a virtual business card, which you can actively pass on to other participants. 

If you would like to participate in networking and be found by other participants, please activate the checkbox I would like to participate in networking with my profile. Hereby you release all entered data for your digital business card.  This checkbox can be accessed via the Networking menu bar. 

You have the possibility to adjust your networking settings at any time via the menu item My Area > Networking Profile.

My favorites

Here you can find an overview of all elements marked with a star. It is sorted by the categories Sessions, Partners and Contacts. By clicking on the respective element you can open it and participate directly in a session for example.

Business Cards

At this point you can see if other participants have given you a business card. You can memorize it or contact them directly using the communication options.


Here you can see your active chat history. With the magnifying glass you can search existing chats. If you want to start a chat with a new participant or contact person of a company, please use the chat icon on their business card in the networking area or the partner profile. 

You have the possibility to select your status in the chat. To do so please click the big dot at the top left of your letter and select your chat availability. Other participants can see if you are available in the chat.


All partners and companies can be found in Partners on the left menu bar. Click the logo to view the company profile, contact persons. You can add companies of interest to your favorites list by marking them with a star. Using the search function, you can search for companies using specific keywords or filter by specific industries.

How can I contact a company/exhibitor?

Trought click on the button Chat With Us on the company profile you have the oportunity to start a text chat with the company's contact partners.

Which contact possibilities do I have?

You have the following possibilities to contact us:

- Handover your virtual business card
- Text Chat

The available options for you to contact other participant you can see on the business card.

Exchange virtual business cards

Trought click on the icon Pass business card a window opens and you can write a short message for the recipient. Your contact details will also be sent.

Start Text Chat

Trought click on the icon Start Chat the chat area of the platform opens and you are in a direct chat with the selected person. 

If you want to continue existing chat conversations, you can also open the chat window directly by clicking the chat icon in the upper menu of the platform. Now select the corresponding chat on the left side. You have the possibility to mark chat rooms as unread or as favorites.

How will I be informed about incoming contact requests?

Via the notification function, incoming contact requests are displayed. You will not miss any requests, even if you are offline in the meantime.

The bell symbol on the right side shows you the number of incoming requests by red numbering. With a click on the bell you can open a list of all missed contact requests, e.g. chat messages. You can now access them directly.

AGENDA - At the right time in the right channel

Where can I find the program?
The menu item Agenda takes you to the program overview. Here you will find all sessions in chronological order. The sessions are assigned to two channels.  
•    English Livestream
•    Chinese Livestrea


The Round Tables are a great opportunity to talk in an exclusive atmosphere with a maximum of 10 people via video chat.
Drag your profile picture to an empty chair to join the live video conference session. You can end your participation by simply removing your profile picture from the chair or continue browsing the platform.
For virtual rooms a camera and microphone is needed. Please allow access to the camera and microphone.

Which interactions are possible?

If you keep the left mouse button pressed, you can look around in the virtual room. With the arrow keys or the W, A, S, D keys you can move around in the room. Alternatively, you can hold down the right mouse button, use the mouse scroll wheel or click on a point in the room.

You can start videos or open web pages via monitors. Clicked brochures can be scrolled by clicking in the upper or lower right corner. You can also download them by clicking the download button.

Technical support

Please click here

03.11.2021 / 8:00 am – 1:00 pm (Timezone Berlin / UTC +1:00)

The event platform

If you would like to learn more about the platform for virtual & hybrid events of rooom AG, please visit us at EXPO-XTechnical Support Chat